Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy

When life is difficult, relationships difficulties are often one of the first issues to arise. Interpersonal problems are a common symptom of many psychological problems, and are a secondary effect of many others.

Romantic conflict can arise for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, external forces place pressure on the relationship and result in strain. Other times, personality, cultural, or religious differences can divide people. Navigating life transitions (such as having children, or children leaving home) can be extremely taxing on a relationship. Of course, couples struggling with difficult issues such as infidelity and discussions of divorce can often benefit from the guidance of a trained couples therapist who can act as a neutral third party.

Our therapists are trained in the method of couples therapy that is best supported by research evidence. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

If you’re newly engaged, you may be thinking about how to best protect your future. In addition, many couples may be required to attend pre-martial counseling by their church or religious organization.

Marriage is massive commitment, and many unexpected events can (and will) arise to challenge you throughout the years. Many people find it incredibly helpful to think through some of those issues and get on the same page with their spouse-to-be before (or shortly after) the wedding. How will you raise your kids? How will you address financial and family stressors? How can you improve your communication style to “future-proof” your marriage?

Here at FRTC, our trained couples counseling can help you think through these issues and more, using a structured and time-limited program.