We offer a summer intensive program, a regular DBT teen program, as well as one-on-one skills training (for teens with a busy schedule).

About Our Summer Program

Summer 2019 we will be offering an intensive teen DBT program, for high schoolers and college freshman.

The schedule is condensed and accelerated, designed to fit an entire year’s worth of topics over summer break. Participants will meet twice a week for 90 minutes for DBT skills group, where they will cover all the same material taught in our regular courses. The course lasts 8 weeks.

They also have the option of meeting for 50 minutes weekly with an individual therapist. If your teen already has a therapist, they may be able to join us for just DBT skills group, and we will work with their therapist to ensure they are making progress.

Learn more about our DBT program to see what participants learn. Or, read on to learn about some of the benefits of DBT for teens.

What’s Included?

Our Teen Summer Intensive DBT program has several components:

  • Twice weekly, 90 minute DBT Skills Groups (for 8 weeks).

  • Two, 2-hour Parent Groups. In Parent Group, we provide an overview of everything your teen is learning about. This will help you understand their new skills, and support them in applying them. This isn’t group therapy, and no sharing is required. We can accommodate 1 or 2 parents or guardians per teen. Parents groups meet on two Saturdays.

  • A custom program workbook with handouts and worksheets.

  • Optional: Weekly 50 minute individual therapy. Usually, you must have an individual therapist to participate in DBT Skills Group. For those that want or need it, we can offer individual therapy as well. If your teen is local, we can work around their schedule so they can continue to see their therapist after the program ends and the school year begins.

  • Optional: Therapist transition assistance. If your teen is a graduating senior going off to college, or a college freshman home for the summer, we can help them find a therapist to see during the next school year. We will also connect with their new therapist, and help with the transition.

Program Schedule & Cost

Our teen summer intensive DBT program for the summer of 2019 will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1:30-3:00. The first class meets on June 4th, and the last on July 25th. Parents classes are from 10:00-12:00 on Saturday June 8th, and Saturday July 13th.

Early-Bird Pricing is available until May 15th, at $1500. The regular price is $2000. This includes 28-hours of DBT skills instruction, therapist location and transition assistance (for those leaving for college), and all materials. Your insurance may cover part of the cost, and we can provide you with a statement to seek reimbursement.

June Teen DBT Class
July DBT Teen Class

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, is a specialized form of therapy. It is an evidence-based treatment, which means it is informed by research, and proven by research to be effective. It was designed for people who have very strong emotions, or for people who have difficulty controlling their emotions. It has three parts:

  • DBT Skill Classes (where clients learn specific skills and techniques for managing their emotions, tolerating distress, and building better relationships)

  • Individual Therapy (where clients receive coaching and support on how to apply their DBT skills in their life)

  • 24/7 Phone Coaching (where clients can contact their therapist at anytime when they need help apply their skills in-the-moment)

DBT for Teens

The Challenge of Being a Teen, and Parenting a Teen

Teens have several difficult developmental tasks: to develop a stable sense of personal identity, improve their ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships, and develop the psychological skills and resources needed to make a successful transition to adulthood. The part of the brain that governs judgment and self-control is not fully developed until around the age of 25.

The result? Lots of emotions, conflict, risky behavior and bad choices.


Is DBT Right for My Teen?

Therapy for Teens

Almost all adolescents struggle with issues of emotional and behavioral control, from time to time. For some, however, those struggles become serious enough that they interfere with their ability to get along with family members and friends, or to succeed in school. In some cases, teens struggle with depression, threats of suicide or suicide attempts, substance abuse, and anti-social behavior.

DBT may be helpful if your teen is struggling with any of the following:

Adolescent DBT

What do teens in DBT learn?

DBT teaches valuable skills that teens often lack:

  • Mindfulness skills help increase self-awareness, control of attention, and happiness, while reducing suffering.

  • Distress tolerance skills help with impulsivity (risky sexual behaviors, skipping class, aggression, drug and alcohol use, suicidal threats and attempts, and self-harm behavior such as cutting), and accepting reality as it is.

  • Emotion regulation skills help increase positive emotions and reduce negative ones.

  • Interpersonal effectiveness builds skills to improve and maintain peer and familial relationships. 

  • Walking the middle path, which offer methods for reducing family conflict.

Learn more about DBT, or contact us for more information. If your teen needs help but you don’t think DBT is right for them, learn about other teen issues we treat.