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Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment

For Adults and Teens in the Denver Tech Center


Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was developed as a treatment for borderline personality disorder, and is a beneficial treatment for persons seeking help for BPD, suicidal thoughts and self harm (such as cutting), intense emotions, relationship problems, depression, drug & alcohol addiction, and more.

Anxiety Treatment Center

Anxiety disorders and mood disturbances can debilitating, but they are often very responsive to treatment. We use Cognitive Behavior Therapies (CBT) to treat anxiety and mood issues, and only use the treatments shown by research to be the most effective. Many people see a substantial reduction in symptoms and distress in just a few sessions.

Family Treatment Center

Many disorders can result in challenges to interpersonal relationships. When a loved one suffers from borderline personality disorder, for example, the whole family suffers.

We also offer couples counseling, parent coaching, and grief counseling.


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Programs

 CBT treatments are consistently shown to be amongst the most effective treatments at addressing psychological problems. CBT is problem focused, designed to relieve symptoms quickly. Usually, CBT clients meet with their therapist once a week. During the week, homework is assigned so clients can practice what they learn. Our therapists monitor and track your progress towards your goals.

Our trained clinicians use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatments to address many problems, including depression, anxiety & worry, panic attacks, PTSD, and substance abuse issues. We only use techniques shown by research to be effective, tailored to your specific needs and goals. Learn more about CBT, including newly developed transdiagnostic treatments.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Research has shown DBT to be highly effective at treating borderline personality disorder. Our trained BPD psychologists are specialists in treating this serious condition, and other personality disorders.

DBT treatment may also be beneficial to persons suffering from depression, drug & alcohol addiction, relationship difficulties, and more. It is especially helpful to persons struggling with thoughts of suicide, or with self harm behaviors. Our trained DBT therapists can perform an assessment to see if DBT is right for you, or if CBT is a better treatment for your goals.

As a DBT treatment center, we offer what is called comprehensive DBT. This means our treatment program is run exactly as DBT was meant to be run, with three parts: individual therapy sessions with a trained DBT therapist, DBT skills classes, and DBT phone coaching (where you can reach your DBT therapist anytime as needed). Our DBT therapists are intensively trained by the creators of DBT, Behavior Tech.

 Our clinicians are trained in the treatment of every major psychological disorder. We have a special interest and expertise in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression, Trauma and PTSD.


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD for short, is a condition that makes it hard for people to manage their emotions. We are not sure what causes it, but it seems that both genetic and environmental factors are important. One common environmental factor is childhood trauma, abuse and neglect. Many people with BPD have intense moods and struggle to control their anger, anxiety, or sadness. Some people self-injure, think about killing themselves, or have a history of suicide attempts. Often, individuals with BPD have trouble forming satisfying relationships, and struggle with trusting others.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, often called DBT, is the best treatment for persons with BPD. At Front Range Treatment Center, we offer a comprehensive DBT program. Our DBT therapists are intensively trained in DBT by the people who created it. We also work with people who are close to someone who is suffering from BPD, such as parents and spouses.

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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a normal part of life, but for some people excessive anxiety is a daily source of distress. Some people find themselves constantly worried or tense. Other people have panic attacks- short periods of powerful fear that may be trigged, or may occur out of the blue. Some people feel excessively anxious around other people. Others become fearful of specific things, such as dogs, needles, or flying in an airplane. These anxiety disorders are very common, and often highly treatable.

Some people experience depression as a persistent sadness, while others experience a severe depression that comes and goes. Sometimes depression is situational, such as depression that occurs after pregnancy, during the winter, or after the death of a loved one. Some people struggle with bipolar disorder, a serious mental illness characterized by alternating periods of depression and mania.

At FRTC, we use CBT techniques to address issues of anxiety and depression. Our trained CBT therapists stay current on the latest research, to be sure you're getting the best care possible.

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Trauma and PTSD

Traumatic events are powerful, negative events that affect a person deeply. Trauma can have a large impact on our future life satisfaction. Examples of traumatic events include war, interpersonal violence, crime, child abuse, accidents, and natural disasters. In some cases, persons may re-experience the traumatic events in the form of flashbacks, nightmares, or intrusive thoughts. In the case of violence or abuse, trauma often damages our ability to have healthy relationships. The effects of such intense experiences may fade with time, but often leaves lasting damage that can affect a persons life deeply unless they seek treatment.

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a disorder that sometimes arises in persons who have been exposed to an intense traumatic event. People with PTSD avoid things that remind them of their traumatic experience, and they often "re-experience" their trauma through intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, or nightmares.

At FRTC, we use CBT techniques to address the major symptoms of PTSD. For some persons who have experienced intense trauma, DBT is extremely helpful.

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